Our Policies

Artvisory operates at the highest level of integrity and customer service. To ensure the integrity of our business, we are displaying our own code of conduct and internal policies, which are designed to protect our vendors and our buyers, thereby protecting the longevity of our business.

Trust Account

Artvisory operates a fully independent client Trust Account managed by KK Partners Chartered Accountants. 

Buyer payments will be made direct into the Artvisory client Trust Account.

All vendor payments will be made direct from KK Partners to the vendor, and this Trust Account is also independently audited annually.

Auction Bidding

In line with all reputable International auction houses, all bidding must be executed with integrity and transparency without disadvantage to the Vendor.

Reserves and client bids are kept confidential at all times to ensure the trust of our clients.

Client Confidentiality

Our clients can have faith in our policies for protecting their confidentiality and we will never allow private client data to be released to anyone under any circumstances.

Absentee Bidding

As stated above, absentee bids left with us on trust will be honoured in that they will remain confidential to any third-parties and we will do everything we can to execute these bids as low as possible. 

Our Buyer Guarantee

Our policy to buyers is always that we will try to protect them through honest descriptions and accurate condition reports when requested. We reject the practice of loose cataloguing.

For example we will not allow vague descriptions that do not give an accurate date of manufacture/creation, where the bidding risk transfers to the buyer. 

We will employ the highest levels of expertise, both in-house and with consultants, in order to protect our clients and stand behind the descriptions that we provide. We will always respect fair consumer rights under Australian law.

Our business manages and looks after the best interests of our clients thereby developing long-term relationships, based on trust.

Seller Guarantees

We provide detailed written sale proposals and budgets to all Vendors to protect their interests and for business transparency. We provide many extra commitments and guarantees within these proposals to further protect our Vendors.

No property is allowed to be delivered without fully detailed Vendor paperwork being provided. This provides a basic description, an estimate of value and a reserve price.

All vendor goods are either insured by Artvisory, or if requested by the Vendor, by the Vendors insurer, and this is always noted on the property receipt.

Our Overall Business Commitment

It is our pledge to all clients, whether a buyer or seller, that you can deal with Artvisory knowing and trusting that we will always operate within the highest standards of trade.