Artvisory Announces its Chinese and Asian Arts Specialist team

Artvisory today announced significant appointments to its Chinese and Asian Arts team.

Donald Lee joins as head of department and senior specialist. 

As one of the leading figures in Australia's Asian art collectors community, Donald is dedicated to promoting ancient Asian art and culture. He founded the Australian Asian Art Collection Society which aims to connect Asian art enthusiasts in Australia, allowing them to share their expertise and facilitate exchange between collectors and scholars, and he has been serving as its Chairman to this day.  

Over the past decade, Donald has been involved in organizing special events related to the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at National Gallery of Victoria, whilst maintaining extensive connections with museums across Asia.

He has hosted numerous lectures on various collecting fields including  ceramics, lacquerware, pottery, jade, sculptures, and coins. In 2022, he curated Australia's finest private collection exhibition titled "WHY COLLECT," and in 2023, he co-curated an Asian art tea set exhibition with Bonhams- showcasing ancient and contemporary tea sets from China, Japan, and Korea, which had a significant international impact.

In addition, Donald has also collaborated with the renowned Japanese tea ceremony school, Urasenke, in organizing exhibitions and events

Donald has a unique perspective on collecting- advocating that the primary purpose of collecting is to serve collectors, allowing art and beauty to enrich their lives.

Yang Yang joins as senior specialist.

Yang Yang is an avid collector with a diverse background in design and a profound passion for Asian art, specialising in early Chinese ceramics, Buddhist sculpture, works of art, Japanese swords, and tea utensils. This interest, deeply rooted in his family's tradition and enhanced by his academic journey, has led to a nuanced appreciation for the aesthetic and cultural dimensions of these artefacts. His experience with Urasenke Chado complements his specialisation, reflecting a commitment to the art and ceremony of tea.
Yang's lifelong passion for the field is further evidenced by his lifetime membership in The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Sword, the foremost society for Japanese sword enthusiasts worldwide.


Donald Lee and Yang Yang join consultant Allan Rae and Artvisory director Paul Sumner as the new Artvisory Chinese and Asian Arts Expert Team


Artvisory Announces its Chinese and Asian Arts Specialist team