Shona Nunan

Shona is currently living in Correns in the South of France, with her partner and fellow artist, Michael Cartwright. Shona studies the visual languages of the ancient cultures including Europe and Asia. These influences have seriously impacted her art as did her early connection to aboriginal art in her home country. Hence, her themes of guardians depicting the balance of ying and yang, conscious and unconscious, male and female; the Horse and Rider, representing the journey of life and its many stages of growth; the Women series representing fertility, the cycles of life, abundance; the Harvest series, representing the reaping of what has been sown, carrying the vessel of life’s gifts; the Warrior representing the strong, the brave and the humble, noble and self sacrificial, also the destroyer of the old. Her work is earthy and derived from nature where she looks for the archetypal language in all cultures to express our common humanness.

Kate Bergin