Australian Art

Senior Specialist: Paul Sumner.

Paul Sumner has handled the sale of six million-dollar plus Australian paintings with a 100% success rate. Paul has also personally handled the sale of many significant single-owner art collections, such as those of Ann Lewis AO, John Kluge of the USA, Ross and Rona Clarke and many others more privately, as well as working closely with the artist's estates with the families of Lin Onus, David Boyd, Robert Jacks and Charles Blackman.

A deep understanding of the primary market for Artist's through our gallery, also places Paul in a position to understand the relationship between the gallery and auction market and the challenges involved. 

Artvisory offers services that include:

  • Single-Owner Auctions of Australian Art collections 
  • Australian Artist's Estate Management and sales
  • Australian Art Acquisition advice
  • Forming an Australian art collection and selling a collection advice and management
  • Private treaty sales for Australian art
  • Fixed-price selling exhibitions through our gallery
  • Insurance valuations
  • Probate, family division and Estate management valuations

Contact Artvisory now to make an appointment to discuss our Australian Art department services. In our 35 years experience, we have been entrusted to sell six Australian artworks valued at $1 Million and above and we have successfully sold all six of these artworks.