The Interior Decorator-Curated Auctions

Curated by Amanda Swanson

Amanda’s distinctive decoration style and knowledge encompasses over twenty five years working in the worlds of fashion, art and antiques in London, Sydney and Melbourne. She holds a BA (Fashion Design) from RMIT and is well respected for her eye for one-of-a-kind pieces that are beautiful and of high quality.

Many people believe everything needs to be from the same source, period or style- however a successful interior - be it your library, your bedroom or your office space- translates so much more successfully when it is carefully curated with layers of interesting, beautiful and stylish things from all corners of the globe that span the history of time.

Our Artvisory Interior Decorator Auctions will be curated for each season and presented on a quarterly basis. Items are sourced internationally and locally and these auctions will provide a rich and interesting selection of unique, high quality items curated together.

Enquiries: 0414 592 234